Sunday, December 21, 2008

New Look

Okay, so for the longest I have been trying to design a logo that can stand alone without text and eventually identify my brand. I started out just using the Adinkra Symbol that symbolizes wisdom and creativity. I couldn't figure how to jazz it up and it ended up looking a little to plain for my taste. I'm all about symbolism and things relating to each other so I am pleased to present my new logo:

As you can see, I've had a bit of trouble trying to decide what my "signature colors" will be (you are looking at a screenshot of my color auditions, lol). So I've just decided to change them according to the seasons and holidays! I like it because it just looks a bit random in the beginning until you realize that it's an owl (cut in half). Now here's the breakdown: 1. The eye of the owl has the above mentioned Adinkra (Ananse Ntontan to be exact) in the center 2. The symbol represents wisdom and creativity 3. the owl is a symbol of wisdom and 3. in the hieroglyphic alphabet, the letter "M" is an owl. So it caters to all my needes...simple, stylized, and chock full of symbolism!

As soon as I get new labels (which I will get from MommieMadeIt...recommended on the Carried Away Blog), I will have a big sale to move items with my old labels on them. I can't wait!
Straight off of the front page of Etsy I saw this eye-catching print. So I go to see what else is in Yellena's shop and lo-and-behold I find yet another piece of work that would KILL as a print on fabric.

ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? I'm going to send a convo and see if they'd be interested in going to to make another one of my fabric fantasies come true!


AnniKae said...

I'm liking the new look. I got your blog address from the etsy forums and thought I would come and check it out. You're welcome to visit my blog anytime.

Meekiyu said...

I agree taht is a very awesome print... the logo looks cool love how you ahve so many different color versions of it.

Fighter of the Night Man said...

Logo looks great! And I love the idea to change up the color depending on the season.

newd acid said...

very good artworks