Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a Touch of Love

I recently joined the Carried Away Etsy Bagmaker Team. I've been wanting to join a team for a while and this was just so right for me. Since this big ridiculous paycut I've had to endure at my job I've had to scale waaay back, including my internet (sucks when you're trying to run a small business online). So after I get the 'net back at home I'll Join the Hampton Roads Artisan Street Team. That way I'll be able to participate in chats, etc.

Since I don't, at the moment, have any of my own pics to put in this post (and I hate posting without pics) I'll take this time to do a little something I'll call "The Sylistic List". This is where I'll do a little feature on some things that have caught my eye:

I noticed Jessica Torrant's (livefunky) Etsy Avitar in the forums once and It made me want to check out her work. After seeing pieces like the one shown here, I felt compelled

to let her know about On you can design your own fabric (no minimum order) and I would just love to make some bags and other accessories out of fabric with the above image as the print!


Jessica Torrant said...

Thanks so much for including my painting in your blog post. I have checked out Spoonflower and it's a great site. I'd love to create some fabric and list it in my Etsy shop in the coming year. How cool would it be to see your creations with that fabric? You know I'd have to buy whatever you made! Sorry to hear about your pay cut. I'll be keeping a hopeful thought that things will pick up for you very soon. Your Etsy shop is filled with so many beautiful goodies, hopefully soon your small business will take over and you won't have to worry about a thing except for getting out all of your tons of shipments!

Thanks again. :) -Jessica

MGU said...

That sounds cool!
Thanks for passing by!