Saturday, July 28, 2007

My rainbow moment(s)

I'm almost POSITIVE that there's a shorter, more interesting way to tell this story, but I just gotta get it out, so it is what it is. I'll try to create a much cooler post later, lol.

I worked Saturday school today for a few extra dollars and something happened that made me so disgusted and depressed that I won't even go into it. I was feelin' like crap so I came home and fell asleep.
Later in the day I met up with a lady (who found one of the business cards that my daughter cleverly posted at the fabric store...apparently she carries them around, lol) who needed a Mother of the Groom outfit. She was telling me about how she just moved here from Philly and didn't know where she could get her hair (which she wore natural, no chemicals) styled...out of nowhere Nadia, my step-mom's hairdresser (and a whiz at styling natural hair) appears. So I introduced the two and apparently made the lady's day.

Then, after I finally got the decide on a style, for some reason, I had chocolate brown crepe trimmed with a late colored brocade of some sort (the wedding colors are Chocolate, Late, and Orange). I was hoping I wasn't going to have to order it because the wedding is like in two weeks. Not only did I find the PERFECT chocolate brown crepe in abundance, but for the trim I found this Late brocade fabric with little orange flowers on it!
(I TOTALLY need a new camera...pic doesn't do the fabric justice at all.)

ANNND the crepe was on sale for 50% off so Barbara got so exited that she grabbed a couple of other colors, just in case she wanted me to make her something else and she even got picked up some Royal Blue and had some cut for me, despite my protest, lol. I don't have one solid Royal Blue dress, which I should since it's one of my Sorority colors, so I'm exited.

But true to form, I ended up undercharging her for labor...maybe she'll give me a tip? DOH!

After that I saw Karen, who I used to work with at David's Bridal. She's like a Master Artisan or something so I gave her my card because I'm really ready to take my sewing to a whole other level...then the clerk cutting my fabric told me that they need teachers for basic sewing classes. YES! I was just thinking about how much more satisfying it would be to teach serious students.

It was at this point I realized that it is SO past time for me to push myself harder to make my sewing more profitable for me. I have to shake this shy thing and get serious about networking and selling myself. I am being forced to face my fears about taking the plunge business wise...I always worry about getting too much work if I cast my net out too wide. Just thinking about how OVER my day job I was made me want to pass my card out to every ding-dang person I came in contact with.

I'm reminded of a helpful concept that was first introduced to me in high school when I was learning how to twirl a flag. . ."don't think. . . just do".

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