Monday, May 28, 2007

Let's recap, shall we?

Well I've been a lil slack with the posts. To lower the risk of this not being read, I will TRY to keep it brief but thorough, lol.


Where to start? Well this was the first craft show I had participated in. It couldn't have gone any smoother! All of the research (i.e. reading lots of Etsy forum posts) really paid off because it went off without a hitch! I didn't get to make everything that I had planned to take, but I was satisfied that what I did bring represented my business well. It was also awesome to see so many people who's online shops I have seen so many times. Pear was right across from me and I also saw Holland Cox, Faerwear (she's the bestest), and others. There were many other bag designers there, but the styles were so different from each other that I didn't feel intimidated...there was truly something there for everyone. There was more of a sense of community than competition.

I'm proud of my set of my students made a sign for me in wood shop and it came out PERFECT! I also used the fabulous wire tree that I purchased on Etsy from janedean and of course the awesome business card holder from hojpoj. I read somewhere that folks like candy, so I had that goin' for me, too!

I had my old college roommate (and one of my best friends) Nikki there with me and she wrote out all the receipts and took money from customers. all I had to do is look friendly and promote the product! lol. She was a blessing and truly enhanced the experience for me.

I am definitely going to apply to this show next year and some others. It gave me such a high...after I set my table up I took a look around, called my dad and said "I want to do this EVERY day!"

more pics from the show may be viewed on my flickr:

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