Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Fabric Whisperer

Two posts in one day? OH SNAP! Anyhoo...

I feel like I am getting more and more in tune with my creativity. I saw this vintage-looking fabric at Hancock a little while ago. I liked the colors, but I wasn't exactly sure what I would use it for. I got like, 1/4 yard or something.

Fast forward a month or so later, and I'm trying to work on another KILA SIKU style bag (I changed the design, by the's now like a short version of the ZITO style... to see what I mean). All of a sudden, that vintagey (is that a word?) fabric pops into my head and I'm overcome with bouts of restlessness! I cannot focus on the task at hand, haunted by this old school fabric. All of a sudden all I could think about is how I was going to make a bag with that fabric. I just stopped what I was doing and ended up creating this:

I was going to use lace on this bag (where the read meets the black vinyl), but then it hit me...YELLOW PIPING! Luckily I actually had some on hand (what are the odds). GOD BLESS 50% off notion sales!

It's basicly the shape that was the original KILA SIKU (see the pink, black, and white bag a few posts down), but I made it shorter and put a faux welt pocket on the inside (my zipper supply is getting low, lol). I'm going to add it to my main site's line-up. The shape kindof reminds me of a canoe so I'll call it BATELA. It means "small boat"...or at least I HOPE that's what it means, lol.

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