Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's been a long time, I shouldn't have left you...

A LOT has happened since last post, which one would expect with such a large gap between posts.  Due to an unfortunate incident involving myself and a moon bounce room, I have been out of work for going on three weeks.  I DO NOT miss it, aside from the check.  My second year of grad school has begun and i love how I have more time to spend working on projects in my on-campus studio, since I don't have to report to Bridal Hell.
The above pic has a bit of a "Final Destination" feel to the background is the previously mentioned moon bounce room where I most unmercifully did some type of damage to one of my knees.  Doesn't it look like its smiling?  Spoooooky!

Anyhoo, quite a bit of shifting has occurred in my life as of late.  What this means for you is new merchandise, soon and very soon!  I'd love to give a date, but with my luck, my arm will fall off or something, halting production (God forbid).  Stay tuned!

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