Sunday, November 01, 2009

*Whew*  I'm finally done with the main site AAAND I have some items in my Etsy shop.  Of course the main site is basically a fancy link to my Etsy shop.  I just didn't want to fool with all the shopping cart stuff.  I am thinking about adding a la carte custom bag designing capabilities at some point.  That way Etsy can be for the items already made and could be for custom orders. We'll see.  I still have a few things to photograph and list.

After laboring over quicker, cleaner ways to create the handles on my HONEY style bag, I have found a solution! I am pleased that it now takes a lot less time to make them than it did to find the right method! Here's an example of what the original handle looked like:

As you can see, the opening was square and I found the handle to just be overall kind of bulky...hard to sew, too!  I think I used two layers of vinyl, two layers of PELTEX, and two facings...PER HANDLE. Leave it to me to make life more difficult.  Now it looks like this:

It keeps its shape like I want it to (meaning, it doesn't get bent out of shape when you put stuff in the bag) and its a lot less thick looking.  I love the colors in this bag. Of course I'm a day late and a dollar short of Halloween, but for most folk, skulls are in style every day!

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