Tuesday, June 03, 2008


...And it's hot as hell! I've been tossing and turning in a thin dressing of my own sweat these past few days. I shouldn't complain cuz Lord knows I asked for it!

Hmmm...whats been going on...

FINALLY finished the MASHULU mainsite revamp. I am sooo pleased with it. I'm loving the bags I'm coming up with now also...so far this is my favorite:

I did two shows within a few weeks of each other...very interesting. Of course I did the Spring Bada-Bing in Richmond. This time it was at Plant Zero, which was a really cool space. It rained like crazy but there was a really great turnout. I did okay...funny thing is everything I sold was sold to people I already know. It's all good, but it's just something I took notice of. This was one of the favorite bags I made for that show...I'm usually opposed to re-creating stuff, but I gotta make another of thses, for sure:

Then a few short weeks later I did the May Fair Craft Show by the Virginia Craft-on-istas in Arlington, VA. Again, it rained...but this time the turnout was not great. Whatsoever. Had it not been for a couple of my friend Nikki's pals, I wouldn't have even made back the show fee (which was $75, though I got $35 worth of space to use). It was a difficult day, but it's always great to hang with Nikki, PLUS I was able to meet some new pals and do a second muslin fitting for Nikki's wedding dress (I wish I could put pics up but I must wait for the big reveal). Like I said, it would have been a wash had it not been for two custom orders I got towards the end of the show. Thanks Angela and Tara! See y'all at the bachelorette...

Here's some pics of their order, reluctantly modeled by my daughter:

My new goal is to give this blog some lovin' on Wednesdays. This post should tide y'all over till then!


Hobocamp Crafts said...

very cute! I love your cherry clutch in your shop!

Rosebud Collection said...

What beautiful bags..Your work is wonderful..Fairs are always "hit or miss"..but worth the try..It still gets your stuff out there, so don't get disappointed.

High Desert Diva said...

Rain and slow sales...my two least favorite things about shows.

Glad the first one went well and yay for custom orders!

Fireluster Pottery: said...

I love the bag with the blue in it. I've sewn some bags, and it's not that easy. I give kudos to anyone who can do it well.

Nice blog!