Sunday, April 06, 2008

Blog Neglect

Okay, I'll admit it. I've been terribly negligent...this blog is in need of sooo much love right now. Just to show folks that I have not completely fallen off the face of the earth, I'm just dropping a few lines to pacify (like you were just DYING for me to make a new post, lol).

Mentally I have been working like crazy to finish this first wave of new bags to put up on my site. Now if I could just get that in line with what I've been doing Admittedly I have a bad habit of spending waaay too much time designing and re-drafting patterns and not enough time working on and end product. I also tend to make things difficult...I was drafting a pattern for a simple coin purse to add to my merchandise line and ended up adding card holders and all this other stuff. I think it's going to be sooo cute and useful, but why can't I just make a ding-dang coin purse with just a zipper? Anyhoo, you'll love it, I promise!

And now for a few quick updates:

1. Purchased a new digi cam...YAY! 8 mega pixels this time. I was a bit ignorant when I got my first one, which had only like 4 I think. It served me well though. Can't wait to see how much better my merchandise shots will be.

2. Dyed my hair black yesterday. It's a little harsh, but I will have to work with it because I've been dying my hair too much lately and I don't want to press my luck! Which reminds me...I need to change my pic...I'm wearing my hair straight again. But who knows? My hair may get fed up with all the chemical experiments I've been doing and just start breaking off, in which case I may just cut it all off again and grow another 'fro.

3. I will be vending for the second year in a row at Spring Bada Bing in Richmond VA on Sunday, April 20th. I'm sooo exited! Which reminds me...I don't have a DAMN thing ready...what the hell am I on the computer for???? More later...


Caroline said...

New cameras are AWESOME! Which one did you get?

Anonymous said...

i just had my gray toched up with black...i am 26 and i have to color back to my natural black color every month!
the nice thing was on friday i went to get my hair trimmed and even though i made an appt, the stylist had me wait 40 min. no biggie, but to make up for it she colored my hair....FOR FREE!!!
whoo hoo!

Dee said...

Tina this is awesome!!! I can't picture you with black hair. But I think that will be cool!!!