Thursday, November 29, 2007


Man, I need to get better at updating... nothing too exiting going on. So I have my second craft show under my belt. VERY MUCH a learning experience. I didn't do as well as I would have hoped, but it's all to the good. I didn't realize I made as much as I bigger bags ended up being squished onto one rolling rack. I noticed folks were looking at the first 5 or so bags and then just moving on when there was still more hotness to be seen! So I learned I need to step my booth game up. I could do with some bells and whistles I think. Of course my girl Nikki was there to help me out so of course it was a good time. My self esteem took a real hit, though. I thought I really made some stuff folks wouldn't be able to resist. I'm gonna press on though. Making these bags brings me so much joy and satisfaction. I just need something to catapult me to the forefront you know? I am in dire need of a confidence boost. This is one of my favorite pieces created for that show:

Well, at least I have newness for my main site.

I'm home sick today...turns out I have quite a nasty lil' kidney infection..YAY! Is it sick for me to be glad that I am ill so that I don't have to report to my job? I'm thinkin' that's a sign...

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