Saturday, May 07, 2011

Retail Therapy

It's Spring, classes are done for the semester (the most nerve racking one so far), and I'm finally letting go of my stressful part-time gig.  I think I deserve a few treats, don't you?  PLUS Mother's day is tomorrow...extra justification!  I looked through Etsy and did a little earring shopping.  I should probably be working on my summer wardrobe, but earrings never dissapoint, unlike that outfit that looks awesome on the mannequin but not so awesome on my bod.

These I got SUPER fast from Decorate the Diva by Renee Bowen.  I absolutely ADORE them!

I'm exited about these beauties from Tribal Style.  They are designed to look like the wearer has guaged ears.  This is what they look like when worn:

These are going to take a while to get to me since they are coming from Bangkok, Thailand.  I think they will be worth the wait, don't you?  Find more stunning pieces in the Crafitti shop on Etsy.

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