Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Well, it's over...my review went VERY well last Friday. I am officially a candidate for the Master of Fine Arts degree! So now I just have to prepare and defend my thesis and make enough work for my solo exhibition.  I'm so exited! I forgot to take a pic of my set up though. I had the dolls hanging from the ceiling!  Here's a pic of my favorite:
The body started out as a dress for an oversized doll that I made.  It is waaay more interesting as a doll itself. I dyed it with spots of red, green, and blue RIT dye, which is why the colors are not as strong as the "ties" are. The ties are made of shredded gauze that I tie dyed using Procion and Dylon dies.  The print was from a stencil that I made and designed, inspired by a stylized Maori tattoo pattern.  I need new batteries for my camera so I can photograph the others.

Now I will get back to MASHULU so I can have all new and African inspired accessories for my next event:

If you're in the Richmond area, come check out the trunk show!

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