Monday, February 07, 2011

MFA Monday, 2/7/2011...sort of

Well, I feel like this whole weekend was a waste. Since my car is still on the fritz, I can't go back and forth to campus as I would like and I had to work all weekend (work is a 3-bus commute from campus).

 After the ordeal I had to go through to secure an on-campus apartment, you can imagine I was in no mood to post on Tuesday or Thursday.  I don't have all my stuff moved in yet, but at least i have the keys.  Now, once my boss honors my request to work only three days a week and once my car is fixed, my plan should yield some results productivity wise.  Part of the reason I decided to move on campus was so I would be able to be closer to my studio and so that I wouldn't have to work so much so that I could focus on my studies and MASHULU.  All so that I can finish this program in a timely manner!

I didn't do a lot today except make a wristlet...but that's MASHULU Tuesday news!

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