Thursday, January 27, 2011

Moody Blue

In the event that you've noticed, I haven't kept with my blog schedule. In all honesty, I have been in a pissy mood and haven't been motivated; my car is acting crackish, the weather has been crappy, my knee is swelling, and I was just feeling all around broke down.  But I'm snapping back slowly but surely. I'm doing a lot of fabric dyeing and experimenting so I will have a fresh MFA Monday post for your reading enjoyment on Monday.  See you then!


aly in va said...

Okay- I'm going to check back on Monday and if it's not here- you're going have to type "excuses" 1,920 times!

SYM1 said...

haha @ aly.

It happens. Do you feel guilty? I feel guilty! Then I try not to feel guilty. This is supposed to be fun.