Thursday, January 06, 2011


So, I've decided I want to be one of those cool blogger folks like my girl Denise and some others.  I seem to be hung up on whether or not to have a separate blog for things not directly MASHULU related.  On some good advice from one of my Sorors, the ridiculously talented, paint slingin' SYM1 (, I've decided that part of the buying handmade experience is getting to know who is attached to the hands that makd the merchandise you've paid for.  Therefore, I feel it is only right that I put more of "me" in these posts. Those who know me know that I am very much a people person and have too much personality to not share it with the masses.

With that having been said, I think it's feasible for me to commit to 3 days of regular posts. Do you think that's too much? I know I get hype when I see that my fave bloggers have posted more than once in a week.  In my head, this is my blog schedule:

Mondays=  MFA Mondays - Here I will talk about things I'm working on as I endure this Master of Fine Arts program.  I will also include works by others that give me inspiration.

Tuesdays= MASHULU Tuesdays - These posts will be mainly MASHULU focused...maybe I'll do some giveaways and give more detailed info on works in progress or already created merchandise. I think this could be a cool feature, especially since I am considering creating more "artsy" pieces.  Some of the things I'm making for school have really caused me to infuse my art more into MASHULU merchandise.

Thursdays= Thursday Style File - I'll be talking about stuff I have purchased or want to purchase that I feel will make my life exponentially better.

Do what do y'all think? 


Dawn Anderson said...

Sounds like a good plan to me...

SYM1 said...

OH snap! Let's get it!