Saturday, January 09, 2010


Sooo...I'm pretty much just posting because I haven't in a while. I have been WAY too involved in keeping up with the blogs I follow when I myself need to get back into the swing of things.

 I feel great, dispite some recession-forced decisions. School is going well and I have had my first EVER straight A semester...YEAH!  Here is a short list of some things I could have / should have blogged about...I may go into further detail at some point:

1.  Gearing up for the second semester into my MFA program. I am less nervous and more confident about being a seamstress/fiber artist in a sea of painters, illustators, sculptors, and photographers.

2.  My daughter is turning 17 tomorrow. I have given up on plucking out gray hairs as it appears they are ganging up on each other.

3.  I started my hair locking process over...AGAIN.  Thanks to YouTube I have seen some good ways to wash my twists without them all unravelling completely, so that helps.  Good thing because there is NO way I could go more than two or three weeks without washing my hair.

4.  This extensive layoff from work is REALLY making me not want to go back.  This is definately fuelling the flames of my hustle.
5.  Oh...the joys of trading!  I made my first ever trade with the super cool and talented Sarah, the fashionable femme behind Looks Good From the Front (  I traded her this:

for this:

I will admit that I thought it was a bit fancy for me, but after I took this picture I realized this little lovely is too fly NOT to wear.  I'm still waiting for an event worthy of this hotness. By the way, the earrings I'm wearing I got for trade also from another Etsyan, Nyblaque--  Here's a closer look:

This pair was obtained on Etsy as well from :

So...I'm realizing this is a great way to refresh my jewelry stash.  I'm mostly interested in interesting earrings.  I usually don't wear necklaces because I have a tatt in the center of my chest.  However, when I saw the piece below from Funky Artsy (, I HAD to have it! SOOO many creative, unusual pieces in this shop. When I get some money, I will have to snatch up at least two more of her designs!

When I wore this, I just couldn't stop looking at it, which probably made me look weird...but whatever.

For my next trading adventure, I will be enlisting the services of artist, entrepreneur, and fellow Zeta Phi Beta Sorority sister, Symone Morris (  I will be designing and making two bags just for her in exchange for her hand-painted awesomeness.  Here's a sample of her skills:

Of course she does more than just sorority and fraternity themed items.  Check her out!

Well would you look at that...this turned out to be a pretty full post after all! *pats on the back*

P.S.  I'm re-designing the look of my main site again. I can't help it!!!

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