Wednesday, November 11, 2009

What Da Heezy?

I don't know if it's the rain or if there is something vicious lurking around inside my computer, but I'm having a time trying to upload pics...I'm TRYING to (re)introduce the GRAND STASH wallet.  Since I can't seem to be able to list it on Etsy at the moment, I'll just show it here:

Here's what it looks like closed.  Hook and loop tape (Velcro) keeps everything together.

This is an inside view: two large pockets for checkbook, cash, maybe even some coupons and receipts.  There is a pocket for your pen, and three cardholder pockets
that will each hold about 4 to 5 cards.

This is the back where the zippered pocket for coins is located.  The strap may be worn around the wrist, belt loops, or around the strap of a larger bag to keep it within reach.

This fabric not your cup of tea? No worries! I am working on other fabric choices, and as always, feel free to find the fabric of your choice online.  I will order it and whip one of these babies up just for you!

Don't want to order through Etsy? Email me!

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